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Four outstanding alumni to be recognized for tremendous contributions

Memorial's Alumni Tribute Awards are the highest honour bestowed by the alumni body on Memorial graduates making tremendous contributions at home and around the world.

Four exceptional alumni are being honoured for their countless impacts on communities around the globe, individual accomplishments and dedication to their alma mater.

Coming This Fall 2015 OCSC 3000 Aquaculture Principles and Practices

OSCS 3000

OCSC 3000 Aquaculture Principles and Practices emphasizes the techniques and methods used to culture finfish and shellfish, with a primary focus on Canadian aquaculture species. Basic aspects of aquaculture will be covered, including the design and maintenance of production systems, culture techniques, and the nutrition, health, physiology and reproduction of finfish and shellfish. The laboratory portion of this course will provide students with practical experience in the maintenance of land-based aquaculture production systems and in the husbandry/culture of aquatic organisms.

More Information contact Dr. Kurt Gamperl or Danielle Nichols

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